Substance abuse and other addictions can have devasting effects on relationships.  The partner who suffers from an addiction is almost always in denial that their behaviors affect their relationships.  With denial often comes secrecy, which can put a tremendous strain on couple relationships.

If you are the partner of someone with an addiction, you may also overlook problem behaviors.  This manifests itself in “covering” for your partner or making excuses for their behaviors.  This is referred to as “co-dependence”.  A co-dependent person “enables” their partner to continue with their problem behaviors.  An enabler often becomes part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Addiction is an incurable, progressive disease that, unlike other disease, can be managed with the right help. That help includes individual, couple’s and group therapy.  At New Life, we focus on one part, couple’s therapy.  But couple’s therapy alone cannot solve the problem. A more comprehensive approach is needed.  In addition to couple’s therapy, other programs, such as Al-Anon, Alcoholics Anonymous, Celebrate Recovery, or primary substance abuse treatment, can get couples heading in the right direction.

Couple’s therapy is often the first step.  Call today to schedule an appointment and get you and ;your partner on the road to recovery.