Has there been a trust violation in your relationship that has you wondering if your relationship can survive?  Feeling hurt by a lack of honesty and openness from your partner? Feeling betrayed and a total lack of trust?

I almost every case, discovering an affair can turn your world upside down and leave you overwhelmed, wondering if your relationship can survive.  After all, you can only be betrayed by someone you trust.  For many, discovering an affair can be traumatic and can trigger other traumatic events in your life, including previous losses, childhood abuse, or previous relationship trauma.

Few relationship problems cause as much heartache and devastation as infidelity.  The loss of trust caused by an affair can undermine the very foundation of your relationship.  Couples that experience infidelity require highly specialized treatment that is quite different from regular couple’s therapy.  In some cases, individual therapy is needed in conjunction with couple’s therapy.

Before you call an attorney, give me a call.  If there is ever a time to get some couple’s therapy, it would be now.  Couples who do not get help following an affair often do not make it in the long run.  While it might seem like the easy thing to do, sweeping your affair “under the rug” does not bring about the kind of change that is needed for a loving, lasting relationship.  Call now and make an appointment and start the healing process.